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About our products

Therhappy provides you with ingenious nutritional supplements to keep you feeling and looking great. Inspired by nature, backed by science.

Our innovative supplements are powerful and effective, minus the synthetic ingredients, the boring pill form and unsustainable packaging.

How do we do it?

We keep all the good stuff. We change everything else.

therhappy nutrition gourmet tasty delicious nature gummies supplementsGourmet

Is it just another the tablet? Not at all, we have completely rethought it in… gummy form!

It’s Vegan, free of artificial sweetener, free of artificial flavouring, free of synthetic active ingredients. But… oh so tasty! It will accompany you everywhere.    

therhappy nutrition science formulation plant based nutraceuticalsInnocent 

Our products are driven by effectiveness to deliver real results made of clean ingredients. 

Therhappy gummies are formulated and manufactured in collaboration with our expert pharmacist in a French laboratory. Composed of natural ingredients and rare plant-based extracts carefully harvested for their quality and potency.

caring therhappy nutrition supplements recyclable Caring 

We have changed the form, the essential ingredients but you may ask, “What about the presentation?” Well, we have not forgotten it! 

You guess:

Plastic ? Recyclable Plastic? Recycled Plastic? Plastic that is full of toxic chemicals that contribute to disturb our health and to suffocate our oceans?

Not plastic. Our packaging is made of glass and aluminium; both materials are 100% recyclable indefinitely to protect our planet. 

« Healthy to the end » that’s our mantra!

 therhappy gummies supplements

And you? Are you ready to taste wellness