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Why do I need supplements?



Supplement – Maintain - Promote


In today's world, what we eat has no longer the same nutritional value. Even if we eat PERFECTLY ’healthy’ food, we still need supplements to achieve the necessary intake of nutrients.

And what is the reason for this loss?

Intensive agriculture, soil exhaustion, conservation techniques and industrial food products have decimated the nutritional values of fruit and vegetables.


In some plants, the presence of vitamins and minerals has decreased drastically over the last 50 years (1). Take Vitamin C for example, one apple in 1970 = 100 apples today (2). (Is this why an apple may not be giving you the boost you were hoping for?)


At the same time, our modern way of life -- stress, pollution, lack of sleep, pesticides, antibiotics, etc. -- makes enormous demands on the resources of our body.


This internal imbalance is often the source of many of our daily problems, e.g. lack of energy, difficulty in falling asleep, unhealthy skin, fragile hair...


In the long run, topping up your diet with vital micronutrients allows you to maintain healthy body functions.

In addition to improving your diet, our supplements are a great way to respond to your nutrition needs with benefits beyond those of normal nutrients.


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Why Gummies?


THERHAPPY’s mission is to reinvent nutrition with vitamin- and mineral-infused products.


Deciding on the Gummies form was a real R&D challenge but we definitely did not want to offer food in pill or capsule form.


Too restrictive, tasteless, difficult to swallow, impossible to take without water… Consequently, spherical pill-shaped supplements often end up in the bottom of the cupboard. As a result, we are unable to enjoy the full benefits of what is being offered...


Therhappy is THE new way for you to take care of yourself from within. And we wanted it to be healthy, low in sugar, organic, without artificial coloring, without artificial flavors and above all without synthetic vitamins & minerals!



Are THERHAPPY Nutrition products certified organic by a third party?


Yes! Our products are certified Organic by ECOCERT, an international independent organization ( You can see each product’s certification on its label.

Are THERHAPPY Nutrition products safe for children?

Depending on the age of your child, some supplements may be more appropriate than others. Doses for children and for adults may not be the same. As with any other supplement, we encourage you to consult first your healthcare adviser.


Are THERHAPPY Nutrition products safe for pregnant women?

Supplementing your diet while being pregnant is often a good thing as women tend to lack important nutrients during this period. But you may also wish to be assured that certain plants, natural extracts and essential oils are compatible with pregnancy. Therefore, as with any other supplement, we encourage you to consult first your healthcare adviser.


Are THERHAPPY Nutrition products Vegan?

Yes! Our products are 100% plant-based. For our gummies, we use organic fruit pectin.

We are as totally committed to protecting the environment!

If you are on a Vegan diet, our supplements can help fill in any nutrient gaps!


How to choose your supplements?

To help you choose a great product we encourage you to check:

-     If the supplement contains plants & natural extracts or is it made of synthetic vitamins and minerals created in the lab.

-     If the ingredient list is comprehensible.

-     What are the certifications for the product?

-     Where is it made? Does that country have strict guidelines for health supplements?

-     If the supplement form is suitable for your everyday routine.


How should you store the supplements?

To preserve all the nutritive quality of your supplements store them at room temperature away from direct light.

Be sure to keep them in a dry place.



Where are THERHAPPY Nutrition products made?

We are proud of the fact that all our products have been created in conjunction with an expert pharmacist in France. They are made in France and respect French regulations which are amongst the most rigorous in the world for health supplements.


Where do THERHAPPY Nutrition ingredients come from?

We obtain our amazingly nutritious ingredients from all around the globe. We are adventurers, explorers and, above all, quality lovers searching for plants that grow in their natural environment.

For further details please consult the “ingredients” section.


Where can I buy THERHAPPY Nutrition products?

You can buy our nutritious products directly on our website!

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Why glass packaging rather than plastic?

Glass packaging is reusable and can be recycled over and over! Indefinitely…

Whereas plastic packaging loses its usefulness during the process. Plastic packaging can potentially be recycled only once or twice and merely 4% of the product will contain recycled plastic…

Can we call that recycling? Sustainability - using plastic packaging? IT’S A MYTH!


Also, Glass is made of natural raw materials making it safe for your health and the environment. Plastic is known to contain harmful chemicals.


By choosing clean ingredients and sustainable packaging we are protecting our health, oceans, and the future of the planet!