Organic Green Tea


Organic Green Tea

What is an organic Green Tea? 

Originally used in China for its powerful health virtues, it is nowadays largely recognized for its benefits on metabolism and its antioxidant properties. 



Botanical name:

Camellia Sinensis


✔︎ Boosts metabolism

✔︎ Supports a healthy immune system

✔︎ Anti-inflammatory properties

✔︎ Promotes healthy skin and could prevent skin inflammation

✔︎ Fights skin premature aging and reduce photo-damage

✔︎ Protects cells from oxidative stress


Green tea extract is an excellent tonic for the body as well as a great source of antioxidants. Green tea extract, particularly catechin compound, offers a wide range of health benefits, from immunity, heart and brain health to improving your skin and boosting your metabolism and weight loss.


Used for thousands of years for its health benefits in China and Japan, Green tea was first a highly venerated medicinal beverage. It took the silk road to bring us its goodness. 

Our Organic Green Tea:

We selected a high-quality and pure organic green tea.

What research says?

Anti-inflammatory ∙ Immunity ∙ Skin health ∙ Metabolism booster ∙ Cognition 

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