Where Do I Buy Spirulina Powder?

organic spirulina

 What is organic Spirulina powder?

One of the first forms of life on the planet, this micro-algae has impressive properties. This plant is the subject of multiple studies and research for its nutritional virtues. It is even used by NASA as a health supplement for astronauts on space missions. 

Widely known for its positive impact on energy, spirulina is also a great source of antioxidants and proteins.  



Botanical name:

Arthrospira Platensis


✔︎ Enhances stamina

✔︎ Increases exercise performance

✔︎ Boosts energy level

✔︎ Protects against oxidative stress

✔︎ Promotes a healthy skin

✔︎ Stimulates cell renewal


Spirulina contains chlorophyll and phycocyanin. Phycocyanin is a powerful antioxidant, fighting against oxidative stress. Because of its wide range of nutrients and vitamins, spirulina is famous for its benefits on energy, stamina, and strength. This alga helps to regain global physical strength and vitality. 


Spirulina was first consumed in Mexico and Africa. The Aztecs harvested this alga from the Lake Texcoco and used it as food. It is very likely that the use of Spirulina in Africa dates back to the same period, or even earlier. Both populations acknowledged spirulina for its health properties.

Our spirulina powder:

We carefully selected spirulina in its purest form available. Our spirulina is cultured in clean, unpolluted water without the use of any pesticides. 


Spirulina is a sustainable food requiring a very small amount of energy and water to produce. 

What research says?

Nutrients Rich ∙ Antioxidants ∙ Exercise performance ∙ Stamina 

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