Acerola Cherry Fruit

 acerola cherry


What is Acerola cherry? 

Native to Latin America, acerola cherry is one of the richest food sources of vitamin C. Acerola vitamin C is present in a natural form, and so, easily absorbed by our body. This vitamin supports a healthy immune system, fights fatigue, and promotes skin and tissue health. 


South America 

Botanical name:

Malpighia glabra L.


✔︎ Supports energy level

✔︎ Supports a healthy immune system

✔︎ Protects cells from oxidative stress

✔︎ Promotes a healthy skin

✔︎ Fights skin premature aging and reduce photo-damage

✔︎ Increases iron absorption


Acerola cherry powder benefits are mostly due to its richness in vitamin C. The vitamin C level of acerola is 30 times greater than in an orange. Vitamin C is an extremely important vitamin for our body and as it is not stored by our body, therefor food rich in vitamin C should be consumed daily. 

The cherry is also a significant source of vitamin A. Along with vitamin C, vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant, helping prevent free radical damage. Vitamin C plays also a role in building collagen, supporting our immune system, fighting viruses, and protecting our skin from UV rays. While more research is needed, a recent study is even testing vitamin C benefits in fighting colorectal cancer. 


The health properties of acerola cherries are not a recent discovery. The Amazonians were the first to notice the benefits of this superfood on their bodies, at the time it would be consumed as a medicine. It was then used by the Spanish conquistadors while navigating to prevent diseases-related to a lack of vitamin C.

Our vitamin C:

Choosing an organic acerola extract offers the purest and highest concentration of vitamin C. This 100% plant-based vitamin C optimizes its absorption and health properties. 

What research says?

Skin ∙ Immunity ∙ Cancer

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