Summer is coming! But which sunscreen should you choose to protect your skin safely? 

Sunscreens choice is very wide and yet :

Very few brands offer sun protection including clean compositions, natural ingredients, and which do not pollute the oceans.
To help you make the right decision, here is our selection of 5 sunscreens safe to use and Made in France.


NIU crème solaire minérale

1 - NIU 

NIU's sunscreen is formulated with 100% mineral filters and +99% natural ingredients (mostly organic). Waterproof, vegan, and cruelty-free, guaranteed without parabens, free of nanoparticles, and free of perfume or colorants. The sunscreen comes in a recycled aluminum bottle.
NIU is also part of Octopus, an NGO that protects the marine biodiversity.

secrets de miel crème solaire naturelle

2 - Secrets de miel 

This sunscreen is a mineral SPF 50 designed to protect the entire family. The composition is respectful of the environment and safe for the corals. Its main active ingredients are Karanja oil, aloe vera and a  pollen extract.

stick crème solaire karanja naturelle minérale

3 - Karanja Oil Mineral Solid SPF50 Sunscreen - Comme Avant

Practical & eco-friendly format! Comme Avant created a solid mineral sunscreen! Their production site in France is based near Marseille. 

crème solaire alo vera naturelle minérale

4 - Mineral Sunscreen with Aloe Vera - Aloesol

The Aloe Vera Sun Mineral Cream SPF 30 is made with organic Aloe Vera juice. It is natural, organic, and vegan certified. The aloe vera in this product adds a nice moisturizing  effect.

lait crème solaire bio minérale

5 - Organic Sun Milk SPF 50 - UVBIO 

A cream that coms in a milky texture. Made with a carrot extract, coconut oil and sweet almond oil. It assures a high protection thanks to its mineral filters. 

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