A Better Night for A Better Morning

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Just as important as nutrition and exercise, sleep is one of the fundamental pillars of our health. We should pay extra attention to our sleeping behaviors and habits.  


Let Me Show You: 


Fix a sleep routine: Try to keep your bedtime and wake-up time as consistent as possible. You can simply set an alarm in the evening to prepare for your sleep.


Avoid over-stimulating the brain: Caffeine, a news feed, alcohol, and intense exercise are among some of the elements that keep us from falling asleep. Help your body to stay calm in the evening; simply sit back and relax. 


Prepare your bed: Making our beds after we wake up helps us to start the day. We can try to prepare our sleeping environment before we turn off the light. Try to keep your bedroom for sleeping only. 


Before bed routine: Try to meditate, journal, and read before bedtime so you can fall asleep in a more peaceful state. 


Day and Night go hand in hand: Walking during sunset and exercising during the day can stimulate your body for better sleep. We should stick to coffee in the morning and early afternoon. We can also prepare our bodies to get hungry in the early evening by having a regulated meal schedule.  


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Sleep deprivation will affect both our physical and mental state. It will not only disrupt our bodies but also interrupt our social life. If you have not been satisfied with your sleep result, we hope these few tips can help you to brighten your morning mood.

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