Snacking from a different angle

therhappy goûter
Snacking your day away doesn’t sound particularly acceptable to anyone. However, there are many dietary plans flowing around the internet which include different snacking ideas.


Snacking can help us reduce our appetite to prevent overeating during our main meal. Correctly choosing the right snacks will provide proper nutrients to boost our body and our energy. We hope you will be in the mood for a snack!

Let’s go Nuts!

You can just get a bag of Raw Mixed Nuts from any supermarket. I prefer the nut mix that includes almonds, cashews, and pecans. All you do for these is mix the nuts with splashes of olive oil then toss with a mix of salt and some spices, such as rosemary, basil, and thyme. I roasted these for 16 minutes at 148 degrees celsius, stirring halfway!

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