How to Dry Brush Your Body?

dry brushing

Dry brushing is an Ayurvedic ritual that consists of brushing your entire body, with a soft but firm brush! Garshana, or dry brushing, is traditionally done using raw silk or linen gloves, but you can easily find a natural bristle body brush to do it.

The skin is brushed towards the heart starting from the body's extremities, feet, and hands.

Although there are many subjective health claims associated with dry brushing such as improving the immune function, reducing cellulite, supporting the lymphatic system. etc. It’s invaluable in helping with many issues. 

What is a dry brush for?

- It is an effective exfoliator, meaning its manually removing old skin cells and therefore accelerating skin renewal.

- It cleans pores, by brushing the skin you are clearing the excess of oil, removing dirt, and improving the penetration of your body oil/cream.

- Similarly to a massage, brushing your body helps to relax. Use this time to notice how your body feels.

- The motion of the brush on the skin can offer a good energy boost! Naturally increasing the blood circulation and other body fluids, dry brushing can feel like a nice fresh start for your day!

How do you dry your body?

  • Brush your skin in the morning before taking your shower
  • Start from your feet and brush upward toward the heart with small strokes movement
  • For the upper part of the body, brush from your hands upward toward the heart keeping the same motion as for the legs
  • Brush in a clockwise direction when it comes to your stomach.
  • Skin brushing should always feel nice and pleasant so move slowly and without pressing too much on the brush.
  • Following dry brushing, jump into the shower to clean the skin. After showering apply your body oil while the skin is still humid

The key? Make it a permanent habit! 5 minutes of brushing every day are the secret for long-lasting benefits. 

*Note: It's also amazing after a sauna!

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